Nothing special to see here.

Making ROM, Themes and MOD in spare time. Hope you enjoy those goodies!

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Potete pubblicare uno zip flahabile della Rom stock? Vi prego è di fondamentale importanza per chi non vuol più avere a che fare con le custom rom

  2. Hi! Is that possible to flash this device with my methodd?
    1-install CWM
    2-Download ROM
    3- Place in SDCARD
    4-Install it
    Because i cant root since 050HQG4 Update! Before i had 040HQG4 then i had superuser but now its doesnt work + i cant root its stuck on Getting OffSets on SRSRoot

    • Hi you can flash this package that i made with SP FLASH TOOL in LOGO i hope to have helped you.

      Link : simoneperali.altervista.org
      If you don’t understand italian use Google Translator

  3. Hi there !

    ( Sorry if my english is kinda bad )

    Ok there is my problem, im owning a vodafone smart mini 875 ( alcatel one toutch S’pop 4030D ) whit a custom rom :
    runing smoot and well until i installed 2 app that maybe bricked my device :

    1- PIMP My Rom ( a lot of cpu/Dalvik/kernel tweaks , maybe be it caused the bricke )
    2- Terminal Emulator ( maybe a bad script )
    3- RockoDevAudio Mod from play store

    I was using the terminal app sudenly my phone freez i pulled the battery off restarted it , bootloop :/ i tried to wipe data/factory reste , wipe cache partion , wipe Dalvik cache , flashing the device whit the stock rom ( after the vodafone logo => backscreen ), and even installing the costum rom again ( bootloop on xperia logo )

    i tried to format the device whit SP flash tool , is there any solution ? ty for the help.

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