SmartMix ROM – B1b


  • Based on 040HDG5
  • Standard Kernel 040HDG5 included (No more Flash Tool needed)
  • Rooted and with init.d support
  • Removed Vodafone Bloatwares
  • Xperia Launcher (Beautiful and smooth) with Xperia Widgets
  • Standard Android Lockscreen (I will provide Xperia Lockscreen as separate zip)
  • Some Xperia Icons (Because i like them)
  • Transparent Status Bar modded with new icons and layout
  • Switch Button from Xperia phone (I like this switch style a lot)
  • New Settings Icons
  • Xperia Album App (Beautiful and Smooth)
  • Android 4.2 Clock app (More functions)
  • Xperia Keyboard with Swype
  • Unlocked Tethering APN
  • Some tweak included
  • Apollo from CM10 instead of Stock Music App
  • CRT Lock animation
  • Xperia Alarms and Ringtones
  • Customizable power widget (via a new entry in Settings App) with 19 Toggles
  • Xperia Bootanimation
  • Sms and Calculator Apps from CM10
  • Xperia icons and colors for Status Bar
  • 23/08/13
  • Fixed FC in Low Battery State
  • Added some Xperia Screenshoots
  • Improved Smoothness
  • Some minor fix
  • 25/08/13
  • Fixed GPS
  • DSP Manager included
  • Stock Clock instead of 4.2 (To make Alarms work when power-off)
  • (For 4.2 Clock i will provide a separate zip file)
  • Android 4.3 Sunbeam Live Wallpaper included
  • Android Stock Keyboard included too
  • 26/08/13
  • PowerWidgets don’t become transparent when pressed
  • Removed line-separators between Settings and Notifications’ buttons in Statubar
  • Some minor things fixed, and Speed improved
  • Big cleanup of unecessary apps and things
  • Vodafone logo during boot process totally removed 
  • Enabled PlayStore payments with phone’s credit (Works in Italy with Vodafone)
  • 01/09/13
  • White Battery Percentage in statusbar as Clock
  • StatusBar restyled and fixed some things
  • White/Black PowerWidget
  • Improved a bit performance with lots of apps open
  • Removed Vodafone bloats in Browser App
  • A more neutral color for Switch
  • Fixed Tethering APN (Now it should use same APN as phone)
  • Cleaned some things
  • New icons for Settings App
  • 04/09/13
  • Ability to “Mark as Read” an SMS from Notifcation
  • New Camera App Design
  • (Now picture take as much space as possible and ugly background fixed)
  • Status Bar menu from CM10 (Under Display option)
  • (Customizable battery Style Etc..)
  • Single Vibration as Default Vibration style
  • (I don’t like the double “Brr Brr”..It’s irritating)
  • Translated some PowerWidget in Italian as asked
  • Cleaned some things
  • 05/09/13
  • Improved touchscreen precision
  • Fixed FC caused by AM/PM option


  • You need custom Recovery (see Here about how flash it)
  • Download ROM
  • Put on Sdcard
  • Reboot in Recovery (Power ON while pressing Vol +)
  • Format System (Under Mounts and Storage menu in Recovery)
  • Factory Reset (In the main menu in Recovery)
  • Flash ROM (Choose ZIP to flash in Recovery)
  • Reboot and Enjoy


  • My advice is to disable keyboard’s vibration
  • If you get errors downloading from PlayStore see here




  • Rizal Lovins
  • ra3al
  • krabappel2548
  • lidroid

200 thoughts on “SmartMix ROM – B1b

    • Unlockers can calculate it, with your imei + provider code. You can find them on the sticker in the battery holder of the V875. But another question. Did you buy the Phone yourself and how long ago? If so, Vodafone has to give you the codes for free after a year, to unlock your phone. This is an European law as far as I know. Worth to try, since this is an old phone and 5 Euro is a lot then….
      Good luck and let me know the results

  1. The phone was someone else’s throwaway. I was just not sure what this custom flash changed especially as I was given a code to unlock it which did not work. I am not sure why the guy gave me just one code and I did not know it needed two. The phone was obviously Vodafone as it is a Vodafone 875. The boy has just bought a Vodafone SIM now which worked fine so not going to bother with making it free. I was reluctant to spend any money on the phone because when the phone broke I bought him a brand new phone then within one week he smashed the screen and within one month he lost it altogether. Thank you for your help.

    • It was my pleasure to help! I know that feeling 😉 My daughter once wanted to see, if a laptop LCD would break if she bend it… She didn’t have a laptop for a while. What you can try, is the Vodafone shop. Maybe they are willing to unlock it for free. Worth to try! Anyway good luck with it. I still use the phone. Maybe not fast, but far stronger then Iphone or Samsung!!!!

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