SmartMix ROM – B1


  • Based on 040HDG5
  • Standard Kernel 040HDG5 included (No more Flash Tool needed)
  • Rooted and with init.d support
  • Removed Vodafone Bloatwares
  • Xperia Launcher (Beautiful and smooth) with Xperia Widgets
  • Standard Android Lockscreen (I will provide Xperia Lockscreen as separate zip)
  • Some Xperia Icons (Because i like them)
  • Transparent Status Bar modded with new icons and layout
  • Switch Button from Xperia phone (I like this switch style a lot)
  • New Settings Icons
  • Xperia Album App (Beautiful and Smooth)
  • Android 4.2 Clock app (More functions)
  • Xperia Keyboard with Swype
  • Unlocked Tethering APN
  • Some tweak included
  • Apollo from CM10 instead of Stock Music App
  • CRT Lock animation
  • Xperia Alarms and Ringtones
  • Customizable power widget (via a new entry in Settings App) with 19 Toggles
  • Xperia Bootanimation
  • Sms and Calculator Apps from CM10
  • Xperia icons and colors for Status Bar
  • 23/08/13
  • Fixed FC in Low Battery State
  • Added some Xperia Screenshoots
  • Improved Smoothness
  • Some minor fix
  • 25/08/13
  • Fixed GPS
  • DSP Manager included
  • Stock Clock instead of 4.2 (To make Alarms work when power-off)
  • (For 4.2 Clock i will provide a separate zip file)
  • Android 4.3 Sunbeam Live Wallpaper included
  • Android Stock Keyboard included too
  • 26/08/13
  • PowerWidgets don’t become transparent when pressed
  • Removed line-separators between Settings and Notifications’ buttons in Statubar
  • Some minor things fixed, and Speed improved
  • Big cleanup of unecessary apps and things
  • Vodafone logo during boot process totally removed 
  • Enabled PlayStore payments with phone’s credit (Works in Italy with Vodafone)
  • 01/09/13
  • White Battery Percentage in statusbar as Clock
  • StatusBar restyled and fixed some things
  • White/Black PowerWidget
  • Improved a bit performance with lots of apps open
  • Removed Vodafone bloats in Browser App
  • A more neutral color for Switch
  • Fixed Tethering APN (Now it should use same APN as phone)
  • Cleaned some things
  • New icons for Settings App
  • 04/09/13
  • Ability to “Mark as Read” an SMS from Notifcation
  • New Camera App Design
  • (Now picture take as much space as possible and ugly background fixed)
  • Status Bar menu from CM10 (Under Display option)
  • (Customizable battery Style Etc..)
  • Single Vibration as Default Vibration style
  • (I don’t like the double “Brr Brr”..It’s irritating)
  • Translated some PowerWidget in Italian as asked
  • Cleaned some things


  • You need custom Recovery (see Here about how flash it)
  • Download ROM
  • Put on Sdcard
  • Reboot in Recovery (Power ON while pressing Vol +)
  • Format System (Under Mounts and Storage menu in Recovery)
  • Factory Reset (In the main menu in Recovery)
  • Flash ROM (Choose ZIP to flash in Recovery)
  • Reboot and Enjoy


  • My advice is to disable keyboard’s vibration
  • If you get errors downloading from PlayStore see here


  • Here (Fixed Version – B1a)



  • Rizal Lovins
  • ra3al
  • krabappel2548
  • lidroid

11 thoughts on “SmartMix ROM – B1

  1. Hi, i try to install this rom. In recovery mode i select install zip from sdcard but appear an error to mount the sdcard. Any solution? Thank you and sorry for the language

  2. Velvet.apk is Zip.Suspect.MacroDoubleExtension-zippwd and on A5 too. Having a search on Google I found velvet.apk should be Google Search, so it should(just should) be clean

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