SmartXperia ROM – A1

I really love some details of Sony phone’s UI so you can understand what i had in mind while making this new ROM. It took a lot of time to make sure all the things work nicely together but i’m really happy of this first release.


You need SmartMINI Kernel A2 or superior.

There are a lot of nice things and this is a list of some of them:

  • Xperia Lockscreen
  • Xperia Launcher with more functions
  • Xperia Media Apps (Album, Video Wallkman)
  • Xperia Bootanimation
  • Lot of Xperia Icons (Camera, Clock, Messages, Calendar etc..)
  • Xperia Buttons and Fonts and lot of little graphic details
  • New design for quick Toggles in Status Bar
  • Xperia icons for Status Bar (Signal, Battery etc..)
  • White clock on Status Bar
  • Xperia Wallpapers
  • Xperia Widgets
  • Clock app from Android 4.2
  • Xperia Notes app
  • New minimal design for Phone app by me
  • Xperia Keyboard with Swipe
  • Xperia Ringotones and Alarms
  • Xperia Animations
  • Xperia modded icons for Settings
  • Xperia-style toggles and switches
  • All the improvements as in my previous ROMs 


  • First boot can take a bit more time than previous version
  • My advice is to disable keyboard’s vibration if it is enabled
  • Movies FCs sometimes while starting and stopping video in landscape. (BTW Standard Gallery Works as always)

Flashing procedure: (You need custom recovery, there is a post about it)

  • Download ROM
  • Put on Sdcard
  • Reboot in Recovery (Power ON while pressing Vol +)
  • Format System (Under Mounts and Storage menu in Recovery)
  • Factory Reset (In the main menu in Recovery)
  • Flash ROM (Chose ZIP to flash in Recovery)
  • Reboot and Enjoy




  • Rizal Lovins
  • ra3al
  • krabappel2548

17 thoughts on “SmartXperia ROM – A1

  1. ho una domanda, non riesco a capire questo:
    la rom “SmartXperia – A1” è per il Vodafone (875) SmartMini??
    grazie 😉

  2. scusa ma io quando vado nelle impostazioni softwere mi dice versione 3.4.0 posso mettere lo stesso la rom??? Mi piacciono tanto gli xperia scartcavo i temi per il go launcher ma fanno schifo! perfavore rispondi è molto importante per me!!!

  3. Can u put portuguese language on rom man? i love that ROM, but dont have portuguese language.
    Please. help me 😦

  4. Quando vado su Impostazioni/Aggiornamento Software e mi cerca gli aggiornamenti,mi dice che lo trova..lo scarico però poi quando faccio installa..mi si riavvia e mi va in recovery il cellulare…come si installa?

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