SmartMINI ROM – B3


You need SmartMINI Kernel A2 or superior.

Stock Based.

  • Removed Alcatel-Customized Launcher and replaced by Nova Launcher
  • Updated Keyboard
  • Touchscreen sensitivity improved
  • Removed all Vodafone Apps
  • Removed Power On and Power Off Vodafone Animations (Only displayed for 1 seconds while powering on)
  • Removed Alcatel File manager and replaced with ES File Explorer
  • Rooted
  • Changed some icons when status bar is expanded with Nexus ones (much better)
  • 14/07/2013
  • Make APN for Tethering  adjustable
  • White color for carrier and date text in status bar (More clean and elegant)
  • CRT Animations for ScreenOff
  • Rotations upside-down now enabled
  • Original Google icon in settings menu
  • 17/07/2013
  • DSPManager from CM10 (Good Equalizer)
  • Calculator from CM10 with great functions
  • Improved Speed
  • init.d support
  • Removed Chrome
  • SMS app from CM10
  • CMWallpapapers added
  • Vodafone Credit can be used to pay in Playstore
  • StatusBar Expanded modified
  • (Two blue lines have same width now, Removed floating carrier label, dots instead of squares under quick toggles)
  • 24/07/13
  • Updated Base ROM to Build 040HDG3
  • 05/08/13
  • Apps fully Deodexed
  • Framework fully Deodexed
  • Recovery option in power menu
  • Changed default Vodafone-wallpaper to Moto X one
  • Transparent Status Bar
  • Switched to Chainsfire SuperSU
  • Keyboard’s vibration disabled as default
  • 06/08/13
  • Fixed Setting App that doesn’t appear in previous version
  • Google Edition bootanimation
  • Now app that changes bootanimation work well
  • Apollo from CM10 instead of Music app
  • Calendar, Email, Movie Studio and Clock apps from CM10
  • Camera setting’s icon change with Google default one
  • Improved IO performances, SD card’s speed tweak included
  • Tons of ringtones and alarms from CM10
  • AOSP Keyboard included with Swipe
  • 07/08/13
  • Revert Clock App from CM10 because of FC
  • Ui Sounds from CM10
  • Phase Beam live wallpaper from Android 4.3
  • Camera, Calendar and Clock icons from Android 4.3
  • Some “under the hood” changes
  • Fonts from Android 4.3
  • Touchscreen sensitivity improved


  • First boot can take a bit more time than previous version
  • My advice is to disable keyboard’s vibration if it is enabled

Flashing procedure: (You need custom recovery, there is a post about it)

  • Download ROM
  • Put on Sdcard
  • Reboot in Recovery (Power ON while pressing Vol +)
  • Format System (Under Mounts and Storage menu in Recovery)
  • Factory Reset (In the main menu in Recovery)
  • Flash ROM (Chose ZIP to flash in Recovery)
  • Reboot and Enjoy





26 thoughts on “SmartMINI ROM – B3

  1. Hello again developer! Your B3 rom is very good so far, i like it. Is fast and stable. Bravo.
    If is posible to add romanian language in this rom, that would be great.
    Thank’s and good luck.

  2. Hello Developer! I got a noob question. Is it possible to install this ROM on top of previous ones, in a non-destructive way? Or does installing a new ROM imply formatting the device?

  3. Purtroppo i blocchi persistono!!! succede che il telefono piano piano rallenta fino a piantarsi con il lampeggiare del monitor all’impazzata!!!


      • You download it directly from the phone (–> system settings –> about phone –> software updates)…but when I restart it give me an error!…I think the update must be installed in a new release of the ROM by the developer! 🙂

    • Ok great! But do you use B3 ROM or stock ROM??…because when I restart, the phone goes in CWM recovery and doesn’t find the upgrade….:-(

      • No, i has smartexperia A1. Look, turn off the phone, remove battery for a few seconds put it back. After that turn on bypressing vol up and power simultaneously. In recovery mod make a wipe factory reset and in mounts make a system format. Then reinstall the rom. By the way: you must have kernel A2 flashed first. Hope is helpfull.

  5. Can someone please explain me how to install update package 040HDG5?
    Is it possible? I have ROM B3. The system downloads the update, then the phone reboots but fails to install the upgrade. Is it a necessary upgrade?

      • Hi mitomanu, thanks for your reply. I think there is a misunderstanding: I already successfully installed this ROM, and I am very happy with it.
        Problem is that the system now tells me there is an update available, that is, package 040HDG5. As I said, my phone, running this B3 ROM (based on 040HDG3), fails to install the upgrade. I can happily ignore it, but I get notified of the upgrade all the time and it’s annoying!

      • Ettore, uncheck the notification in settings, about phone, software update, settings, check daily… hope is helpfull. Or if you want install the rom but clean.

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