How to return Stock

digitalboyz made this pack. I have no credit and responsability for this. Thanks him for this work.


This process is necessary if you want to “return stock” after switching to a custom ROM.


  • Download the pack Here
  • Download that file too Here


Extract them and flash all the files you downloaded with SPFlashtool using the scatter included.


26 thoughts on “How to return Stock

  1. The stock rom you tobe us is not the original one. If you have one, or somebody else have the stock for vodafone romania that means system.img, cutspack.img, boot.img and recovery.img, leave a replay. Thx a lot. This stock is the italian one.

  2. Ho ripristinato la stock seguendo la guida, ma all’avvio del telefono continuo a vedere per qualche secondo il “logo” di smartmix orima di vedere l’animazione di vodafone ( con il relativo suono fastidioso ). c’è modo di eliminare definitivamente quel logo iniziale? Grazie per il tuo ottimo lavoro!

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  4. hello i made a mistake and bricked my phone…then i went in recovery and wiped all data factory reset…now i dont know what to can i install the stock now?what should i do? SOS SOS SOS!

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  6. Help me please this is not stock rom it just changed my Recovery and when i turn on the phone it always says error. Could someone help me about this? There is no Stock Rom for this phone? I really need help 😦

  7. @Mohamed
    the file you downloaded is the source file, and you must compile. You can’t flash it. For return to stock, just download the 2 files (boot. img, recovery. img) from that folder and flash with spflashtool. You can use the custpack and system. img or Android. img. You can find that files on this site.

  8. Ciao a tutti , ho aggiornato i link per tornare alla stock sul mio sito (

    Hi to everyone i have updated the link to come to stock in my website (

  9. Can someone tell me how to create a stock backup?
    I had a phone with no mods.Fully stock and i wanna create a backup with it.How can i do?Can i do this with the CWM?

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