SmartMINI Kernel and Recovery – A2

Stock Based.

CWM Recovery.


  • Added init.d Support
  • 24/07/13
  • Updated Kernel to Build 040HDG3


Download the pack:

Kernel Recovery – A2

I’ve no responsability for any damage


  • VCOM drivers
  • PDAnet drivers


  • Open Flash Tool
  • Load Scatter
  • Power off phone and disconnect USB
  • Remove Battery and wait some seconds
  • Insert Battery
  • Load boot and recovery IMGs as shown in the picture then press “Download” (Name of the file are boot-A2.img and recovery-A2.img)
  • Connect USB to start flashing

ATTENTION: To enter in recovery boot up phone pressing Vol + (Use power button to confirm and Vol+/- to navigate in Recovery)

Images from Chrizzly92@xda


73 thoughts on “SmartMINI Kernel and Recovery – A2

  1. Installed Kingroot and my phone got bricked, now it’s just like a brick, even though, a real brick is more useful.
    How much would I wanted to keep the normal vodafone things, but I wanted just a app which would have required root and so… disaster
    This guide is more complicated that build a computer with stone, more complicated that encrypt an entire pc in a way that none can decrypt it in at the least 10 years, and more complicated that understand why android users are so idiot. Why don’t you start use simply terms buddy?
    Or actually, nobody know where all these fucking apps/softwares come from and why nobody seriously give a fuck about them. All closed sources & about all from china or fucking retarded nerds Nobody know if they’re really SAFE to use, or if they’re damned malware
    Keep It Simple Stupid

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